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A Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a tool used for guiding the growth and redevelopment of the county as well as preservation of natural features and rural character. This page was updated to include materials produced and feedback received during the planning process. The final ADOPTED plan is found on the adopted plans.

Public Meetings

​Meeting details will be posted as they are scheduled. Any prepared materials or results will be posted following the event.

Draft Plan Review Meetings

A series of three public meetings were scheduled in August 2022 to present the draft Future Land Use Map, character areas, and draft goals and recommendations for the Nash County Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Held on Aug. 16th, 23rd, and 25th at several locations around the county, these meetings will go over the same materials before asking the community to provide comments on the plan, either in person or online. The presentation and boards presented at these meetings are posted here on the website. After the third meeting on the 25th, the comments and a summary of these meetings will be posted.

Stakeholder Meetings

Stakeholder Meetings, which are a series of topic area focused meetings with specifically identified participants, were held on October 5th. These loosely formatted meetings offer a chance for the project team and other participants to hear different perspectives on these topics and how various organizations are planning (or interested in planning) initiatives around these issues. The conversations were documented in meeting summary notes provided here.


Steering Committee Meetings

Summaries and presentations from the Steering Committee meetings are shown at right. Please note that meetings #6 and #7 are combined. Meeting #6 was scheduled to review the draft Future Land Use Map, goals, and recommendations. Due to the length of the discussion, time ran out and a second meeting, meeting #7, was scheduled to finish out the review discussion. 

Reference Materials
  • Nash County Comprehensive Land Use Plan Survey Results: Read Here

  • Joint Land Use Planning Workshop, held Feb. 11, 2020: Watch Here

  • 2006 Land Development Plan: Read Here

  • Plan goals available here.


Steering Committee 8
September 8, 2022
Draft Plan Public Meetings
August 16, 23, and 25, 2022


Steering Committee 6 + 7
June 27, 2022 + August 1, 2022


Steering Committee 5
March 31, 2022


Steering Committee 4
February 22, 2022


Steering Committee 3
January 20, 2022


Steering Committee 2
December 1, 2021


Steering Committee 1
October 6, 2021


Stakeholder Meetings
October 5, 2021
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